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If Elon Musk would buy a book about Conversion Optimization it would be this one.

This book shows you proven methods on how to optimize your website for conversions…

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Conversion Rate Guide 2019

by Julian Weber​


(101 Slides in PDF Format, eBook)

for 19,90

142 copies sold

Become an Expert in Conversion Rate Optimization:

This Conversion Rate Optimization Guide is perfect for everybody who wants to get the most return from their online traffic in the most efficient way possible.

What you will learn

✔ How to optimize your landing pages for conversion📈

✔ How to use the psychology of persuasion to convince your customer. 

✔ How to use a variety of optimization tools and resources to become a better digital marketer. 

✔ How to utilize promotions and recommendations correctly, such as up-sells and cross-sells to drive more sales. 

✔ How to optimize your checkout experience 🛒 where conversions matter the most. 

✔ How to create persuasive product pages, where no customer questions stay unanswered. 

✔ How to create a customer journey for recurring revenue💰 

this Book is for

✔ Digital Marketers

✔ Conversion Rate Managers

✔ UX / UI Designers

✔ Shopify Store Owners

✔ Business Owners

✔ Product Owners

✔ E-Commerce Sellers

You want to convert more of your online traffic?

You are not alone! 78% of all online business are unsatisfied with their conversion rate. [Econsultancy 2016]


image of quote jeff bezos
image of quote jeff bezos

A/B Testing matters. Some people might argue there is no such thing as best practices. But there are! For example, it's always good for your conversion rate:

✅ To optimize your page speed, so your visitor has a smooth shopping experience

✅ To test your site on all major devices and in all common browsers to avoid bugs

✅ To have a unique value proposition which resonates with your audience

✅ To recommend products on your 404 Page 

✅ To add a security theme to your checkout so visitors trust you with their data

✅ To utilize up-sell, cross-sells, sub-sells and post-purchase offers to drive more sales

✅ To capture email addresses with a lead magnet 

Here's what's inside this Conversion Guide:

Take a look at this preview – 101 slides of optimization tips:

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Example of Good Landing Page
Data Screenshot

On the Agenda

  1. General UX Improvements
  2. Theory of Human Psychology
  3. Landing Page Optimization
  4. Tips for your Product Pages
  5. Checkout Optimization
  6. Bonus Tips
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About the author

Hi 👋

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I am Julian. I work as a Growth and Conversion Manager. I ran over 200+ A/B Tests for my clients and now I feel like it’s time for sharing my knowledge. I hope you enjoy my Conversion Rate Optimization Tips and they provide some value for you and your business.  

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Customer review

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Nils from Storrito

Julian has helped us to redesign our landing pages. After A/B Testing his suggestions we witnessed an increase in our sign up rate of 37% – on a 96% confidence level.  


Your benefits in a nutshell 🥜

After all, you gain access to a pool of new ideas, which potentially increase your conversion rate. For a price which costs less than buying a new shirt 👕 and think about it – an E-Commerce Consultant costs $220 per hour. Moreover you get live long updates whenever I put in new content. 

Increase your Conversion Rate

You will be able to increase your website performance with these proven tips. Without losing a lot of time and money on random testing.

Learn more

You get access to 45 links to external resources which helped me over the years to grow the business of my clients.

Save your Time

Spend your valuable ⏰ on growing your business and developing new products, instead of worrying about a bad conversion rate of your shop.

Life long updates

Whenever I update this guide you will get the newest and freshest version directly to your inbox.

Ready to get started?

book image title

Conversion Rate Guide 2019

by Julian Weber​


(101 Slides in PDF Format, eBook)

for 39,90

142 copies sold


Not sure yet? - Below are some frequently asked questions.

You are about to purchase a PDF document consisting of 101 slides / pages full of tips and tricks on the topic Conversion Rate Optimization and AB Testing.

It will help you to improve your overall Customer Journey and your User Interface. It enables you to look at pages through the conversion optimization glasses and start improving your sites.

As with any digital product or eBook this is difficult, because of the nature of this product. 

However, I am willing to offer you a satisfaction guarantee – so if you are truly unsatisfied with the product, I am happy to refund you the money.  

You are purchasing one license of the product, so it’s for personal use only. You can of course show it to your colleagues, but not send it to them. The sites are watermarked and duplication is forbidden.  

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